Glasgow’s Christmas Market


It’s not Christmas until you’ve been to the Christmas Market at least four times – or is that just me?  With a wide range of stalls spread across two locations, you’re spoiled for choice at the Glasgow Christmas Market this year which surely justifies a return visit?  Of course, I’m all about the cheese and mulled wine and there is plenty to choose from.

snowdonia-cheeseOn my last visit to the market, I picked up a couple of cheeses for the Christmas cheeseboard.  I was going to get something different this year but you can’t beat an old favourite like the Black Bomber.  If you ask me it’s the best thing out of Wales since Tom Jones.

The other cheese was Arran Blue which is another old favourite.  The first time I tried it was when Santa left it under the tree for me – true story – and we’ve had it on the cheeseboard every year since.

The Christmas Market is cheese heaven this year.  It was great to see The Great British Cheese Company back at the market because I missed them last year.  Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t quick enough and when I went back to pick up my favourite Cheddar with Chilli and Lime they were sold out.  You snooze, you lose.

The best part of the Christmas Market is trying all the different cheeses and I’m delighted that I finally got to try the Raspberry and Prosecco Wensleydale.  I’m not a huge fan of fruit cheese but I liked it better than the more traditional one with cranberries.  I was going to buy it for my mum but it turns out she doesn’t even like it herself but that hasn’t stopped her from plastering it on the cheeseboard every year and forcing the rest of us to eat it.

christmas-market-mac-cheeseAfter all that cheese tasting it was time for a mulled wine and some food.  It was a toss-up between mac cheese or a cheese toastie which is not a decision to be taken lightly.  After a trip to the bar, I let the mulled wine decide for me so I went for the mac cheese and saved the cheese toastie for my inevitable return.

The mac cheese looked mouthwatering and all the options on the menu tickled my fancy.  Feeling bold after my mulled wine I decided to go for the mac cheese with haggis and Buckfast sauce.  I wasn’t even shocked to see it on the menu, after all, Glasgow and Buckfast go together like Blackpool and the Pepsi Max.  This wasn’t my first time trying Buckfast but it was certainly the most enjoyable.

With so much still to try I think I need another trip back to the market!

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