Surf Dogs review – Hair of the dog


Even though it’s right on my doorstep I wasn’t in a rush to try Surf Dogs. To be honest I’m not a big fan of hot dogs. It’s just a sausage in a bun, right? How wrong was I? Surf Dogs has given the humble hot dog a gourmet makeover and it’s a real treat to the taste buds. After putting it off for ages I finally checked it out and I was not disappointed.

The visit was courtesy of a Groupon voucher which is a great way to try out a restaurant for the first time. The voucher was only £10 for a hot dog and fries for 2 which is pretty good value for money. Unlike most other deals you could use your voucher anytime you wanted. We booked a table for a Sunday night and it turned out to be the perfect hangover curer!

Surf Dogs has a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere which is ideal if you’re feeling a tad delicate. And, if you fancy a hair of the dog there’s a great choice of craft beers. Being the lightweights that we are, we decided to stick to soft drinks which came with free refills.

Buffalo Dog

surf-dogs-glasgow-buffalo-dogWith so many great choices on the menu, it was hard to pick something. We had to send the poor guy away a couple of times because we couldn’t decide what to have. This isn’t like me at all, I usually have it all planned out before I even get to the restaurant.

I’m a sucker for blue cheese so in the end I decided to go for the Buffalo Dog which sure does pack a punch! The dog itself is described on the menu as a Bavarian smoked pork jumbo Frankfurter and true to their word it was a pretty good size.

If the hot dog wasn’t big enough already, it was then stacked with chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, blue cheese chunks, celery and tangy buffalo mayo dressing. The combination of toppings worked well together and had my mouth-watering from the first bite. This is without a doubt the best hot dog I’ve ever had. The bold flavours transformed an ordinary hot dog into something super fancy.

Halloumi Fries

surf-dogs-glasgow-halloumi-friesEven though our hot dogs came with fries, we ordered some Halloumi fries too. You can never have too much cheese on the table, right? Halloumi fries are my new favourite thing and I order them anytime I see them on a menu – whether I need an extra side or not.

The Halloumi fries were cooked to perfection and served with two tasty dips. I’m so glad I ordered them. They were a cheese lover’s dream – crispy on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside.

Mac Cheese

surf-dogs-glasgow-mac-cheesePredictable as ever I ordered a mac cheese side but unfortunately it wasn’t as nice as the rest of the meal. I’m probably just a fussy bastard but there seemed to be a burnt taste to it. Even though the mac cheese didn’t blow me away this time, it won’t stop me from trying their legendary Mac Attack on my next visit.


In their own words, “trying a Surf Dog is an event and a satisfaction that everyone has to relish” and I couldn’t agree more. We left this place with a full belly and smiles on our faces and best of all we didn’t spend much money. There’s still lots on the menu that I want to try so I’ll definitely be visiting again sometime soon.


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