New Year, New Me – High Protein Cheese Snacks


I’ve not been blogging much this month because I’ve turned into a salad eating gym bunny.  That’s right I’ve been sucked into the ‘New Year, New Me’ bullshit but I didn’t want the pounds that I put on at Christmas to still be hugging my hips come Valentine’s Day.  At the time I felt no shame in scoffing the last of the Celebrations but I do regret it now and even lost a bit of my dignity when my arse burst out of my jeans.  If only I could pull off the big booty like Beyonce.

gogos-protein-snackEven though I’m on a health kick just now doesn’t mean to say that I’ve gone cheese-total.  GoGo’s Protein Snacks have been an absolute saviour these past few weeks.  They’ve been out for a while now but I’ve only just noticed them in the shops.  These cheesy snacks are packed with protein – perfect for when you’re pounding the gym.  Each one is split into three compartments which contain reduced fat cheese and various accompaniments.

gogos-protein-snackThere are three different varieties to choose from:

  • Protein Snack, Crunchy Bean Boost – roasted edamame beans & chilli and lime peas, reduced fat cheese bites and dark chocolate covered coffee beans and pretzel sticks
  • Protein Snack, Oat Boost – spicy roasted corn & roasted edamame beans, reduced fat cheese bites and fruity and seeded flapjacks
  • Protein Power, Ultimate Boost – soy broad beans & roasted edamame beans, reduced fat cheese bites and chorizo bites


gogos-protein-snacksI’ve tried two out of the three – Crunchy Bean Boost and Oat Boost.  I don’t really fancy the other one.   Don’t get me wrong I love chorizo but I prefer it cooked.  The ones that I tried were amazing.  I loved the combinations and the interesting flavours.  The dark chocolate covered coffee beans and pretzel sticks were a pleasant surprise because I didn’t know what to expect.  And, oh my word that cheese is delicious!

GoGo’s make a great afternoon snack.  I don’t know about you but come 3pm I always need a little pick me up and GoGo’s do the job just fine.  However, I have to say they’re a little pricier than 35p for a Granny Smith from your local Tesco.  The two that I tried were £1.50 each but the chorizo one is £2 which is probably another reason why I haven’t tried it.

They’re manufactured by Kerry Group who are the ones who brought your Cheesestrings so, of course, I was a little apprehensive about trying GoGo’s because Cheesestrings are absolutely disgusting.  Yes, I have found a cheese that I don’t like but does that rubbery crap even count as cheese anyway?  Luckily GoGo’s were a hit and I’ve had a pack nearly every day since.

If you’re on a health kick like me just now go try these protein snacks – you won’t be disappointed.  Not only do they fill a hole but they’re tasty as hell.  You’ll find them at the likes of Asda, Tesco and the Co-op.

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