Top 4 Truckle Cheeses For Your Christmas Cheeseboard


December is knocking on the door so it’s time to start planning your Christmas cheeseboard.  Festive cheeses such as Wensleydale & cranberries and white stilton & apricots are popular choices but why don’t you go bold and try something different this year?  If you need some new ideas I have rounded up my top 4 truckle cheeses for the ultimate cheeseboard this Christmas:

1. Wensleydale with Raspberry & Prosecco
The Great British Cheese Company

christmas-cheeseboard-prosecco-raspberryFizz the season to be jolly!  Of course, the first truckle cheese on my list is going to be the new Wensleydale with raspberry & prosecco from The Great British Cheese Company.  Combining my love for prosecco and cheese, this will definitely be on my cheeseboard this Christmas!

Wensleydale with cranberries is a Christmas classic and this new combination certainly takes the old Wensleydale to another level.  It’s a creamy and crumbly cheese complemented with the sweetness of the raspberries and sharpness of the prosecco which work great together.
If you decide to try out these bright pink truckles don’t forget to wash them down with a bottle of prosecco ho ho ho!  Unfortunately, they were snapped up in a flash but the next batch is soon to be released –  just in time for Christmas.

2. Cheddar with Chilli & Lime
The Great British Cheese Company

christmas-cheeseboard-chilli-lime-cheddarWhen life gives you limes just add cheese!  Cheddar with chilli & lime is another grate cheese from The Great British Cheese Company and it’s an absolute favourite of mine.  I picked it up at the Christmas market last year I’ve been banging on about it ever since.  Sad to see that they’re not at the Glasgow Christmas market again this year but luckily you can buy it online.

It sure does have a kick to it which is guaranteed to heat you right up during these cold nights – you cheddar believe it!  I’m not the only one who loves this cheese, it picked up the silver award at the 2014 Cheshire show.

If you want to try out the cheddar with chilli & lime as well as the wensleydale with raspberry & prosecco, you should have a look at their website to see what else you fancy trying because they do three for £12.

3. Christmas Pudding
Isle of Kintyre

christmas-cheeseboard-christmas-puddingHow cute is this cheese from Isle of Kintyre?  Unfortunately, it’s not Christmas pudding flavoured but it certainly looks the part.  It’s a mature cheddar that comes in a Christmas pudding wax.  When you’re trying to please everyone at Christmas this is the ideal cheese because you can’t go wrong with a mature cheddar.

If you’re all about novelty cheeses then you might also want to check out the Gigha Fruit Minis.  These are also mature cheddars which come in various flavourings including pear schnapps, orange liqueur, apple and apple with garlic.


4. Black Bomber
Snowdonia Cheese Company

christmas-cheeseboard-black-bomberThe Black Bomber by the Snowdonia Cheese Company is another mature cheddar but this one has an intense vintage taste which is guaranteed to have your mouth-watering.  When it comes to cheese the stronger the better and this mature cheddar sure does pack a punch.

I have included it in this list because it’s one of my all-time favourites and Christmas is the time of year when you can be a little selfish, right?


These truckle cheeses will certainly add a little sparkle to your Christmas cheeseboard!  If any of them tickle your fancy I have included links to all the websites where you can spend your hard-earned pennies on some cheese.  They’re all £4.50 each and come in a 200g waxed truckle which is the perfect size if you want a selection of different cheeses.

Are you putting together a Christmas cheeseboard this year?  Let me know!  I would love to hear all about it.

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